It is often said, that mostly all was better in the past …

… maybe not everything … ?

… and perhaps today are the good times of tomorrow.

What has been carried over from the past into our house are the high-quality and natural materials such as hand-cut Stadl old wood from our mountains with a few (hundred) years under its belt. The craftsmanship years ago has certainly been preserved and – with us – carried into the present. With lots of love and attention to detail, tradition and origin have somehow been carpentered into our house …

… or – at least – this is how those describe it, who have been visiting the Stadl-Chalet in the “Ebni” Ischgl.

Some people say, that the past was more uncomplicated than the present … ?

… if so, then we might have protected something unmaterial similarly. Easy way of living is at home by us.

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