Griass enk in the Stadl Chalet

… maybe you ever dreamed about spending your skiing vacation in the traditional ambient of a tyrolean alpine mountain hut

… you want to discover how comfortable, warm and unhurried a stay in a rustic fully wooden house might feel …

… You focus on honesty and traditional alpine architecture without getting rid of comfort, variety and luxury …

… you love the skiing area of Ischgl and everything which makes our village unique, combined with nearby located silence but comfortable bus connection …

Settling back in tradition & honesty

… modern alpine living surrounded by traditional old wooden ambient.

The wood out of which our facades, interior and nostalgic furniture is made of, counts an age of 150 to 350 years and has to tell lots of stories. Two Stadl Suites with a living space of close to 100 square meters provide a cosy and peaceful retreat after an adventure-packed day in the amazing nature of Paznaun Valley.

Enjoy some typical tyrolean meal in our Stadl-Stub´n and catch one or another beer or maybe an “Enzian Schanps” at our lovely traditional wooden bar.

Relax in the finish sauna designed in tyrolean wood style. Come down to the essential things of life and enjoy the best days of the year!

In case a workout is preferred upfront or after your mountain day, high grate gym gear is available to bring you back in shape, if needed …

Stadl Stub’n
A wooden alpine pub, delicious beer, your preferred music and a lovely place to celebrate your skiing adventure

The Tyrolean shape of finish Tradition

Stadl Gym
… staying in shape despite or because of the Tyrolean way of living

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