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Gastgeber im Stadl Chalet

Feel more than Welcome to our Stadl Chalet

Some years ago, a mindless guy out of Bavaria met a lovely tyrolean girl, somewhere somehow in the on the skiing slopes around Ischgl. Today the number of family members doubled and center of live became „Ebni“, a quiet outer quarter of Ischgl Village.

Our entitlement is to be a more than obliging and uncomplicated host. We would like to support and facilitate where your shoes might pinch (might be not that un-seldom in a mountain downtime 😉).

It would be more than a pleasure to welcome you in our Stadl-Chalet-Ischgl.


It is often said, that mostly all was better in the past …

… maybe not everything … ?

… and perhaps today are the good times of tomorrow.

What has been carried over from the past into our house are the high-quality and natural materials such as hand-cut Stadl old wood from our mountains with a few (hundred) years under its belt. The craftsmanship years ago has certainly been preserved and – with us – carried into the present. With lots of love and attention to detail, tradition and origin have somehow been carpentered into our house …    

… or – at least – this is how those describe it, who have been visiting the Stadl-Chalet in the “Ebni” Ischgl.

Some people say, that the past was more uncomplicated than the present … ?

… if so, then we might have protected something unmaterial similarly. Easy way of living is at home by us.

Stadl-Chalet building concept

For lodging buildings, several construction philosophies became common. Mostly used might be from concrete structures to stonewall buildings over to wooden drywall construction. The Stadl Chalet building philosophy is following none of those.

The full wood bearing walls of our house are custom-made out of alpine spruce. Lathwork and insulation are out of nature born wood fiber. The wooden facades inside and outside the building as well as the historical wooden ceiling are molded out of matured timber.

This historical wood was gathered out of alpine “Stadl´s” (barns) conditioned with special treatment. Those matured timber with an age of 150 to 350 years is more than 100% nature. … the choice is yours to figure out the well-being and the natural warmth, which will for sure make your vacation to a cuddly and authentic alpine adventure.


The small hamlet of Ischgl Ebene is approx. 3 km from the centre of Ischgl, by bus or car you can reach the centre in less than 5 minutes. Our hamlet is quietly situated at the bottom of the valley next to the Trisanna, embedded in various wooded areas. The ski bus stop is almost directly in front of the house (approx. 65 m distance). The bus connections during peak times in the morning and afternoon or evening are at intervals of no more than 15 minutes.

Tannenhof and Vitalwelt are in the direct vicinity right next to the bus stop. The nearest supermarket is only a stone’s throw away in Ulmiger Wald. After about a two-minute drive you are in front of the store. In addition to a wonderful natural landscape, everything you need to feel good is available on the plain! … and thanks to the excellent bus connection, the Centre of Ischgl is more than close and easily reachable.

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